How do I choose incense?

“People are searching to heal themselves, and end up finding themselves swimming in a pool of endless torture and pain”

It is easy to get confused and think that incense that works specificaly on healing is exactly what we need for our healing process/

The truth is that while engaging in places of darkness and pain, I can easily become drainedand without realizing being more focused on the darkness than remembering a basic rule – I am not that pain!- I am eternal light that has the ability to heal!! That is why it is so important ti remember to to bring light into that place of healing.

If I am eternal light so this pain is not me, and focusing on incense with the highest frequencies, that will allow me to experience healing from my highest place of being.

So how do I chose incense for healing, or for that matter, for any kind of work??

Just like food, there are some foods that are better or worse for me, and in addition we have our focus on ‘superfoods’ that I would like to get support from in my healing work.

Just as such in the world of incense, there are specific kinds of incense that are of higher quality, that are able to work with our light.

A perfect example for the above is the Frankincense; there are many kinds of frankincense resin, but it is very rare to find frankincense in high quality and frequency.

the frankincense is indeed considered the highest, but not from a spiritual place of spirituality vs. the material and phisycal, but from a wholesome place in me of both matter and spirit.

Frankincense has the ability to treat depression, anxiety and stress, because it connects me to my highest place of being, and that is why it is ideal for healing work

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